Introduce your business to the city’s movers and shakers by hosting an Albuquerque The Magazine launch party!

Who: Every month, we invite our advertisers and featured editorial subjects to attend a hosted party at a local business. Minimum attendance is 120 decision makers, earth quakers and paradigm shakers, but we’ve had crowds as large as 400.

What: An event that allows our closest constituents to be the first to see each issue of Albuquerque The Magazine while making valuable business contacts, affirming old friendships, winning prizes, and enjoying good food and drink—on the house, whenever possible.

When: Launch parties generally fall on the day before newsstand delivery of that issue, which is usually the Tuesday closest to the 25th of the month.

Where: Your place of business! Bring established business professionals through your doors, many of whom will be visiting for the first time.

How: Beginning two weeks prior to the party, Albuquerque The Magazine sends out three e-mail blasts to all 200+ advertisers, editorial contacts, and closest friends and supporters. The invitation is designed by ATM‘s art department and made available to you so you may invite your business’ clients and constituents as well. We collect RSVP’s and can give an accurate expectation of attendance the day before the party. A guest list will also be provided to the host after the event.

Why: Because you never know where the next sale will originate. Friends of Albuquerque The Magazine can become your friends for life! Add value to your advertising dollars by meeting your clients—and potential clients—face to face in a relaxed atmosphere.

Cost: The normal cost to host an ATM launch party is $2,500 (if ATM provides the food and drink) and $2,000 if you provide the food and drink (in either case, a $500 non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your business as the host). To host a launch party, your business also must be advertising in the issue being launched. The cost to host a launch party includes music, a PA system for announcements, an emcee, the opportunity to win tons of giveaways and, of course, plenty of copies of the new issue, all provided by Albuquerque The Magazine.

For more information, please click the link to the right or contact Gena Goodson, at 505-842-1110 or at

June 2019 Launch Party at Isotopes Park!