We welcome ideas from new writers. We prefer that you present your story proposal in a query letter rather than sending us a completed manuscript or describing your idea over the phone. If you are sending us a query for the first time, please include three examples of recent samples of your work (preferably published) and a letter detailing some of your pertinent writing experience. Read our magazine and get a feel for our departments, voice and style; show us why your topic would be the perfect fit for a particular section in the magazine. We’re always interested in profiling the people of Albuquerque, and devote half a dozen sections to doing so–but each section is different, so it’s important to craft a pitch that shows why your profile subject would fit one section better than another.

Departments for which we accept pitches include:

Creatives: Albuquerque has a wealth of creative people, whose crafts range from jewelry making to mural painting. This 800-word column is dedicated to talking to these very people about their art and how Albuquerque plays a part in it.

Shelflife: This 600-word Q&A features local authors and poets–why they write, how Albuquerque has shaped their writing, and their thoughts on their most recent works.

Behind the Scenes: There are Albuquerqueans with interesting and unusual jobs, from police sketch artists to tortilla taste-testers. This 800-word department acts as a day in the life.

Personality: This 900-word department features people who contribute to the city–by who they are, what they do, or what they think and say.

We also accept story ideas for feature articles–we cover everything from fashion to local business success stories. Please look at a copy of our most recent editorial calendar.

We are not interested in previously published articles, and at this time, we do not publish fiction or poems.

We pay by the word. Payment is issued upon publication.

Albuquerque The Magazine
1550 Mercantile Ave. NE, Top Floor
Albuquerque, N.M. 87107

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you.