Wonderful Things Wednesday

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Ready or not…the holidays are here. Christmas trees are popping up everywhere and holiday music is really just about everywhere.

Though many of us might head out of Albuquerque for Thanksgiving, it doesn’t mean there will be nothing going on in the city. There is plenty to do and many ways to help out others. Check it out!

The game plan

Margarita Guarin-Fuentes, founder of and Spanish instructor at Spanish ABQ Language Institute, is always looking for fun ways to teach her students Spanish.

“I thought, ‘What about if I create a game?’” Guarin-Fuentes says.

¡Viajemos por Nuevo México! began as a rough drawing by Guarin-Fuentes who would then play the game with her students. “When I would play with the students they would give me feedback,” she says.

Students immediately cherished the game and Guarin-Fuentes hired a graphic designer to create a more professional version.

Not only does the game help players learn Spanish, but also about the culture, history, and geography of New Mexico. There are questions about topics such as, the lowest temperature ever recorded in the state, the Four Corners region, and Albuquerque Museum. “All of the questions are going to be related to New Mexico,” Guarin-Fuentes says. Since the players are familiar with the subjects, it makes it easier for them to learn the Spanish terms, she says.

The game is currently on kickstarter.com and Guarin-Fuentes needs $8,000 worth of pledges by 1:30 p.m. on Dec. 9 to fund the game’s production. If Guarin-Fuentes gets the funding, she plans to make a game for each state and one about the United States.

Run it off

We already know it’s going to happen. Everyone get ready to loosen those belts a notch or two after this Thursday … And probably the next month or so with all those left overs—turkey sandwiches, turkey burritos, anything you can incorporate turkey into. You know the drill.

Well we don’t all have to sit sadly on our sofas, staring at our plump bellies. It’s called exercise guys and gals. And the 2013 Hobbler Gobbler has got you covered. It begins Thanksgiving morning at 9 a.m. at the Rio Rancho Aquatic Center. Admission is $15 to $33 depending on which run or walk you choose. It’s an all age event so everyone from the kids to grandpa and grandma can join.

A portion of the Hobbler Gobbler proceeds will benefit RunFit, an after school running program that teaches kids to be healthy, active, and lead a positive lifestyle.

This will help you feel a little bit better about yourself once you’re digging into that fifth piece of pumpkin pie.

Giving thanks

Thanksgiving is a great time to think about everything you’re grateful for. Just remember, not everyone is so lucky. If you have the chance, take the opportunity to help out the less fortunate.

Joy Junction will be hosting three Thanksgiving dinners for those in our community that are affected by homelessness.

A pre-Thanksgiving dinner will take place Wednesday, Nov. 27 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Albuquerque Convention Center. This Thursday, Nov. 28, beginning at 2 p.m. at Joy Junction, will be the actual Thanksgiving dinner.

Joy Junction expects to serve about 4,000 meals beginning tonight and are welcoming any and all help. If you can’t help serve or clean up, Joy Junction is also taking food donations and monetary donations for the purchase of food.

For information on volunteering or donating food, don’t hesitate to call Joy Junction at 505-463-4818 or the Convention Center at 505-344-9146.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving week everyone!