Where Do You Go to Get Cool?

Posted by on Jul 7, 2009 in Uncategorized

According to the handy temperature widget on my computer screen, it’s 91 degrees in Albuquerque right now. Not like I needed the computer to tell me it’s a hot one. I learned it firsthand when getting in my car after lunch and practically losing a layer of skin to the scalding hot interior.

A hot-as-a-blow-dryer-in-the-face sort of day makes me long for one place: a dark, cold movie theater. Plied with popcorn and plenty of icy cold soda, a theater’s refrigerated air takes the edge off—so much so, you sort of look forward to going outside and shedding your goosebumps.

But watching back-to-back movies purely to cool down isn’t exactly the most practical thing to do, so I’m on the search for other options. The pool? A coffee shop? The mall? Where do you go to get cool in Albuquerque?