What’s Your Favorite New Gadget?

Posted by on Jan 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

kindle2_front1OK, this post is sort of borne of several thoughts that jumbled together all at once this morning: 1) that our assistant editor, Jenna, said something the other day about needing some audio books to keep her entertained on her long rides back to Las Cruces; 2) that I have a Kindle, and have enjoyed it more than I ever thought I would (though still remain a fan of paper books, and always will, but I admit that there’s something cool about reading entire books on the tablet and even via my iPhone; 3) (and most randomly) there’s also a new e-reader is called “Lexi,” which just struck me as a sort of weird name. But I, of course, am biased on the subject.`

All of which made me think about gadgets of the future, and exciting technology, and what sorts of gadgets you’re more excited about. Besides, at the start of a new decade, it’s natural to envision what tomorrow’s Brave New World could have in store, right?

So what do you think: is there anything out there that’s particularly intriguing to you? Are you smitten with any gadget right now?