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dsc_5356jpgEvery year, Albuquerqueans look forward to a legendary event, one that signifies the true beginning of fall.

I’m referring to, of course, the annual opening of the first bag of candy corn.

No, I’m kidding (though I did just sample my first candy corn of the season, and I’d be lying if I said that the air didn’t suddenly feel a little crisper). It’s the Balloon Fiesta that makes most Albuquerqueans think “fall,” and since it’s gearing up for an October 3 launch (pardon the pun), it looks like fall is officially here.

But look: there are a few new things to look forward to at the Balloon Fiesta this year. Take a look at a few of the events that have landed in my inbox:

October 2–4, the 5th Annual ECHO Chain Saw Carving Championship is back, carving for the Make-a-Wish Foundation of New Mexico. Championship the same year. Four professional carvers will compete for cash prizes and the prestigious ECHO Carving Cup. They have 22 hours to produce masterpiece sculptures under the theme: “The Great American Southwest.”

October 9–11, Wahl Trimmers sets up a 30-foot mobile barbershop at the Balloon Fiesta as part of its Let It Grow Tour. Wahl’s stylists will be doing free trims, and there are demos by the master barber. Plus, Wahl will be holding a Man of the Year contest to name the best beard, goatee, and mustache in the country—for every entry into the contest $2 will be donated to the Prostate Cancer Foundation and LiveStrong.

… and there’s plenty more to report. Watch this space!

Are you going to the Balloon Fiesta? What’s your favorite part of this time of year?

photo: Ray Wyatt


  1. Michael Cusortelli
    October 1, 2009

    Lexi, there are lots of trees around my house, but there’s one in particular – I’m not sure, but I think it’s an aspen – where the leaves turn every color of the rainbow. This color riot lasts for only a week before the leaves fall and I have to get the rake out, but that one week gives me my little autumn taste of New England!

  2. Magician Robert Smith
    October 1, 2009

    You know me, I love performing my act out at Balloon Fiesta.
    Great crowds, insane hours. In the end getting to perform for adults and kids and making them happy is what drives me.

    Come by and see the show this year. I’ll be out in front of KOB & Hello, Deli! 9am-11am for mornings and 430-dark in the evenings.

    Plus we’ve got Chris Enright (a juggler with mad skills) and HAYWIRE! (our all-around oddball) joining the fun this year.

    Great article. See you out there!
    -Robert Smith
    “So amazing I even fool myself!”

  3. keith
    October 20, 2009

    Only tourists are allowed at the balloon fiesta right? My wife wanted to go but the only thing I could think about was the traffic! I explained that if we went everyone would think we were tourists. In fact my kids might even loose their Hispanic scholorships!

    ps great magazine!