The Groundhog Days of Summer

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Remember that movie with Bill Murray? You know, the one where he’s stuck in an eternal loop until he learns the error of his ways?

As we settle into late summer and gear up for another fast-approaching fall, every day seems just as good as the last. In fact, everyday seems exactly the same from behind our keyboards (really, we just need to get out more). To keep yourself from falling into said eternal loop, break up your next beautiful summer day with one (or more) of our top picks for this weekend’s activities.

 A Chile “Chain” Reaction

You’ve been on beer and wine bicycle tours, but if you plan to stay completely sober in the saddle, look to the New Mexico Chile Bike Tour  this Saturday, starting at 10:30 a.m.

moutain bike man

The tour is hosted by Routes Bicycle Rentals & Tours, and takes participants on a multi-stop chile tour of the city. Riders will learn firsthand why our state question is “Red or Green?,” and will be introduced to some new methods for getting their daily dose of chile.

Riders will take a three-and-a-half-hour tour through some of Albuquerque’s most laid-back and enchanting areas, with an experienced local guide at the helm.

You don’t need to own a bike to get in on the tour, either—along with the $50 tour fee, each chile enthusiast also gets paired with a bicycle. If you have your own, that’ll knock down your ticket price by $5. With so many alluring chile dishes, you’re going to want to save as much chile money as possible.

For more info or to buy tickets, visit or call 933-5667.

An International Sensation

Of course, there’s more than just red and green to ABQ culture—it also includes a large contingent of other cultures centered around the city’s International District.

asiaThe four-square mile neighborhood is home to more cultures than any other in the city, and has been a nexus point for ABQ culture since the 1970s. Celebrate it’s diversity at ID Live!, a weekend festival of workshops, street art, pop-up installations, and more.

The festival is free, and gives Albuquerqueans the perfect opportunity to learn more about the people who live there (and the 47 different languages they speak). The event  will also include the premiere of three locally-generated performances and works of art that share the story of residents and the neighborhood they live in.

For a map and schedule of events, email Nick Mang at

Meat and Greet

Learning more about the underwater world of carnivores is fascinating—especially if we’re  not being chased by one in open water.

Albuquerqueans can get an inside look at the sharks that inhabit the ABQ BioPark Aquarium this Saturday with Shark Discovery Day. Starting at 10 a.m., guests will be introduced to the aquarium’s toothy residents via discussions and a hands-on experience with the smaller sharks in the Shark and Ray Encounter area. Caribbean reef sharks and lemon sharks

Employees will also be on hand to introduce visitors to the park’s bigger sharks, including the Black Tip, Sandbar, Sand Tiger, Zebra, and Nurse sharks. Though they may look fierce, there’s a lot more to these aquatic beasts than meets the eye.

For example, did you know sharks have the ability to pick up electrical currents emitted by other animals in the water?

The experience is free with the purchase of a BioPark admission ticket.