Favorite Things Friday

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As we start counting down the days to summer, warm weather and no wind (please!), keep busy with some of these interesting events going on in and around Albuquerque. Here are some of the things we’ll be doing this weekend: Today through Sunday, make time for a little bit of soul searching at the Mind […]

We Love Concerts

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We love to listen to all kinds of music. We love to listen for a good cause. We love to listen to local groups. We love to listen to groups from far away. We love to listen to guitars, harps, violins, pianos, banjos, drums, ukuleles and voices. We love to listen outside under the beautiful […]

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

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Dear Albuquerque Photographers, We know you have good taste. We know you have a camera. We know you have good subjects, because Albuquerque is chalk full of gorgeous sunsets, beautiful people, colorful places, and compelling scenery. And we know you’re dying to have your incredible work published! So, our question is why haven’t you already […]

Suggest a Summer Treat—Because Corn on the Cob Is Anything But

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My child is in a phase where, whenever we watch her “Baby McDonald” DVD, she insists on eating corn on the cob. After we go through the whole shucking, cooking, and buttering process, she takes two or three bites and rejects the rest of the corn. Invariably, this has meant I’ve ended up with corn […]