Gena’s Busiest Week Ever: The Grand Finale

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Gena’s busiest week is just about over—and what better way to cap off a week filled with new associates and friends than a big party? Saturday, February 6: 1 meeting 1 mani-pedi 1 red carpet gala I drove to Belen to have breakfast with my parents, and also to meet with Sharon Olsen. She’s a […]

Gena’s Busiest Week Ever: Day Five

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Gena’s busiest week is just about over—after a jam-packed Friday. Check it out: Thursday, February 4: 8 meetings 1 lunch 1 beer in the Gutter 94 miles driven Appointment #1: Dry Heat Photography collectively has 25 years of wedding photography experience. Rick and DeAnna have the cool factor and the experience to make any bride […]

Gena’s Busiest Week Ever: Day Four

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Last week, ATM’s sales director, Gena, set out to have the busiest week she’d ever had. Check out the fourth-and-almost-final day of her quest. Thursday, February 4: 4 meetings 1 lunch 1 drink 1 dinner 157 miles driven Appointment #1: I started my day in the best possible place: a spa. I met with Melissa […]

Gena’s Busiest Week Ever: Day Three

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Gena’s busiest week is halfway through—here’s what happened on Wednesday! Wednesday, February 3: 11 meetings 1 lunch 128 miles driven Appointment #1: ABQ Paw Pals came to the office design their display ad for the March issue, which we’re finishing up now. They’re the city’s newest pet sitting service, but they do more than just […]

Gena’s Busiest Week Ever: Day Two

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ATM’s sales director set out to book as many appointments as she could in a week. Here’s how day two shook loose. Tuesday, February 2: 9 meetings 1 lunch 1 dinner 57 miles driven Appointment #1: I met with the staff of Stribling Chiropractic, which is always fun. Dr. Stribling is a great chiropractor, but […]