Gena’s Busiest Week Ever, Day Five

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Day Five–Nearing the End 7 Appointments – Slowing Down but not done by far! 2 Coffees (Yes, only two coffees. I have to dry out at some point. I am starting to worry about the short term effect of caffeine levels in my system. Plus, I didn’t sleep very well the last two nights.) My […]

Gena’s Busiest Week Ever, Day 4

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Day Four 10 Appointments 4 Coffees 1 Latte 1 Amazing cocktail (read further for info) 1 Glass of wine I made a pit-stop at Starbucks on Lomas and Broadway to grab my first coffee for the day and ended up running into Mr. Matt Woodcock (see Day One). This was a good thing because the […]

Gena’s Busiest Week Ever, Part Two, Day Three (a.m.)

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a.k.a. The Day I Became Super Human 15 appointments 14 coffees (not a joke) 2 glasses of wine 0 water 2 altoids I started my day having breakfast at Loyola’s Café (268-6478), one of my all-time favorite diners. It’s probably because it reminds me of eating breakfast in Belen as a kid. My parents and […]

Gena’s Busiest Week Ever: Day Five

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Gena’s busiest week is just about over—after a jam-packed Friday. Check it out: Thursday, February 4: 8 meetings 1 lunch 1 beer in the Gutter 94 miles driven Appointment #1: Dry Heat Photography collectively has 25 years of wedding photography experience. Rick and DeAnna have the cool factor and the experience to make any bride […]

Gena’s Busiest Week Ever: Day Two

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ATM’s sales director set out to book as many appointments as she could in a week. Here’s how day two shook loose. Tuesday, February 2: 9 meetings 1 lunch 1 dinner 57 miles driven Appointment #1: I met with the staff of Stribling Chiropractic, which is always fun. Dr. Stribling is a great chiropractor, but […]