Suggest a Summer Treat—Because Corn on the Cob Is Anything But

Posted by on Jul 15, 2009 in Uncategorized

3686350795_7e4c3acecb_mMy child is in a phase where, whenever we watch her “Baby McDonald” DVD, she insists on eating corn on the cob. After we go through the whole shucking, cooking, and buttering process, she takes two or three bites and rejects the rest of the corn. Invariably, this has meant I’ve ended up with corn on the cob as an afternoon snack for a ridiculous number of days.

That is what I am doing right now: holding a steaming hot cob of corn and sweating profusely. And wishing the yellow corn was a popsicle.

So until this phase passes, let me live vicariously! Where do you get sweet, cold treats that beat this Albuquerque heat?