Something to Bark About: Take Your Dog to Work Day is this Friday!

Posted by on Jun 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

It’s hard to walk out the door and leave your four-legged friend at home for the day.  Although, admittedly, it’s rare for my overweight beagle to even notice I’m leaving in the morning, much less get off the couch.

In any case, this Friday is Take Your Dog to Work Day, and no matter how lazy your pup is, he’d love to spend the day with you.  It’s the perfect excuse to show Rufus just how hard you work to buy that puppy chow!

Perhaps you need a little more convincing.  Pet Sitters International compiled a convenient list of reasons to take your pooch to work.

Here are a few favorites:

-The perfect opportunity to show off matching doggie/owner outfits
-Built in excuse: My dog ate the memo.
-Dogs make great footrests

Beyond these cute reasons, PSI started the event to encourage pet adoption, and to celebrate the wonderful effects pet ownership has on humans: lower risk of cancer, improved mood and reduced stress and anxiety.

Ears perked? Register your office’s support for TYDTWD online.

Are you planning to take your puppy to work on Friday? Know any dog-friendly offices in town going furry this week?