Rainy Day, Don’t Go Away

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Remember the ‘ol “rain, rain go away” rhyme? Yeah, we’re not feeling it.

As anyone who lives in New Mexico knows, the state is in the throes of a long-running drought. In fact, the National Weather Service reports 58 percent of the Land of Enchantment is classified as being in a state of moderate to severe drought.

That said, the rain doesn’t need to go away—and we don’t mind if it visits again another day, either. But the beautiful thing about ABQ rainstorms is they leave as quickly as they came. As soon as the clouds break, check out these weekend events worth dusting off the umbrella for:

Powwow Power

It’s been more than three decades since the first Gathering of Nations celebration was held, but the annual event is still Native american child holding feathersgaining momentum as a place for Native Americans to come together, celebrate culture, and display their dancing and performance skills.

Today and Saturday, the Gathering of Nations Powwow will welcome more than 500 tribes to WisePies Arena aka The Pit, where teams of dancers and drummers will face off against each other for more than $200,000 in cash and prizes. But the competition is about more than winning a prize—it’s also an opportunity for tribe members to gain experience in confidence in their skills, as well as an opportunity for guests (Native or otherwise) to learn about the tribes’ cultures while enjoying music and dance.

But there will be plenty of other opportunities for entertainment, including the Indian Traders Market. There, more than 800  artists and traders sell and display their wares. At Stage 49, guests can hear the latest in contemporary and traditional Native American music, as well as reggae, pop, country, and most every other genre out there.

It’s quite a big deal, too—in fact, it’s the largest annual event in Albuquerque behind the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.

Yacht are You Talking About?

Forget that leisurely stroll along the Bosque. Instead, check out the cutthroat model sailboat competition happening down at Remote control sailing yachtsthe Tingley Aquatic Park Model Boat Pond on April 25 and 26.

That’s where the winner of the Eighth Annual Rio Grande Cup will be crowned, following a weekend full of boat racing. The event is hosted by the Duke City Model Yacht Club, and will match up model speedsters against each other. It may be a little late to enter the competition this year, but you’ll have plenty of time to chat with hobbyists about how to become your own “captain” before next year’s competition.

The racing starts at 10: 45 a.m. on Saturday and 10:15 on Sunday, and trophies will be presented at 2 p.m.

“Rose” to the Occasion

It’s spring, which means the the flowers are blooming—but so are the questions of would-be rose raisers.Colorful flower bouquet from red roses for use as background.

That’s why Osuna Nursery will be hosting a Rose Open House on April 25 at 10 a.m. The free event will be co-hosted by the Albuquerque Rose Society and Weeks Roses, and promises to have plenty of “rosarians” on hand from 1o a.m. to 2 p.m.

It’s the perfect place to plant your plan for growing and tending to roses, or making the ones you’ve already grown even better. It’s also a good place to touch base on the rest of the community classes through “Osuna University”at Osuna Nursery.

But be warned—there may be homework involved. But at least you’ll enjoy it, right?

What are you doing this weekend?