Priceless Antiques, Pedals, and Totally Legal Burnouts

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It’s mid-August in Albuquerque, which means the chile is beginning to roast, parents are going insane from adolescent overtime, and children are dreading the start of another school year. Before you bid your tykes back into the chaos of grade school, spend some quality time with them at some of our favorite Albuquerque events this weekend.

A “Wine” of the Times

Sometimes, you just need to take your drinking on the road. Not “drunk driving,” mind you… but a few rounds of drinking between rounds of bicycling sounds pretty relaxing, no?

uomo in pausa con bicchiere di vino in mezzo ad un prato

Get back in touch with your inner saddle-seat sommelier at this year’s Corrales Bike & Wine Touran eight to ten-mile long ride that takes riders on a tour of four Corrales wineries. Visitors can take in the sunshine—and the fine wine—with a stop at a winery ever two or three miles.

Tickets cost $10, and can be purchased at or at (379-5072). Riders are encouraged to mount up at the Frontier Mart on the corner of Meadowlark and Corrales Road, where registration begins at 10:30 a.m. Riders are encouraged to bring their IDs and some cash to collect their favorite wines along the way. 

Catch Our Drift?

Burning rubber on Albuquerque asphalt is usually a great way to attract negative attention from the authorities. But breaking your Bridgestones loose is encouraged at this year’s No Coast Drift Part IV at Motiva Speedway.vintage red sports car wheel and tire in a bright sportlight

The event—held on Albuquerque’s outskirts—promises visitors live music from local bands, “fire,” “mayhem,” and the coup de etat… competitive drifting. For 80 bucks, you can try your hand at a controlled burnout around a corner (also known as “drifting”), or for $15, you can watch others do the same for the entire weekend.

The two-day event begins on Saturday at 10 a.m. and lasts into Sunday. Attendees are invited to camp out overnight, enjoy the bands, a car show, and a bonfire after the awards ceremony. Participants can pre-register here to get in on the action early. Finally, our daydreams of drifting the family minivan might actually come true!

Rustic Revelations

Antique pocket watch.There’s an antique-loving philanthropist in all of us. But for some of us, it’s deeper than others.

Resurrect your lost love for rustic trinkets of yesteryear at the 16th annual Charity Antique Show at Expo New Mexico’s Lujan Center. The cavernous convention floor will be filled with more than 200 antique dealers pedaling everything from fine western art to Native American arts and crafts.

If you’re looking to add some interior flair to your home or seeking out a particular piece, there will be plenty to peruse for veteran and novice collectors. What’s more, the dollars you spend will benefit local non-profit organizations that champion the state’s arts and education communities.

The event is sponsored by Cowboys and Indians Antiques, and begins with a sneak peek from 2 p.m. t0 7 p.m. on Friday. On Saturday, doors open at 9 a.m., while Sunday’s exhibition starts at 10 a.m.