Gena’s Busiest Week Ever: The Grand Finale

Posted by on Feb 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

Gena’s busiest week is just about over—and what better way to cap off a week filled with new associates and friends than a big party?

Saturday, February 6:

1 meeting
1 mani-pedi
1 red carpet gala

I drove to Belen to have breakfast with my parents, and also to meet with Sharon Olsen. She’s a friend from the good old days, and asked to meet about marketing and consulting for her business, Sharon Kay Jewelry. Sharon’s a full-time teacher who also creates intricately designed beaded jewelry pieces. We talked marketing, and we’re going to start working on getting her pieces into some shops here in Albuquerque. Her stuff is gorgeous!

Nice and full from my breakfast with Mom and Dad, I went to Casa Verde Spa for a mani-pedi to prep for tonight’s big event. They a lot of spa services—I’ll come back to try out some of the others soon, because they look absolutely luxurious and I’m always all about that. But today I was on a time crunch! It was nice to relax after my such a busy week and enjoy a foot soak and massage. Asha painted my toesies gold to match the jewelry I was wearing with my black dress for the evening, and I was out the door.

My fiancé, Curtiss, and I arrived at La Noche Encantada with 10 minutes to spare. We grabbed a drink at the bar and head to our table, where we were hosted by AHCC’s Jeffrey Candelaria.

I declared our table the party table. This was a surprise to Mary Herrera, our Secretary of State—but she and her date were a blast! We must have giggled all through dinner. That’s bad manners according to my earlier etiquette training…. but oh well! At the center of most of our giggling was Eddie Tafoya, a professor at NM Highlands, who has just taken a six-month sabbatical to study stand-up comedy. At one point, I was laughing so hard, I thought I was going to spit food across the table.

I even got to chat with Mayor Richard Berry and the First Lady, Maria, who were both absolutely delightful. I found out that they have a terrier also. I offered a doggie playdate—who knows, maybe they will take me up on that?

What a great week I had! I ended my week with my boss, Larryl, at his SuperBowl Party. That’s me, wrapped in a Snuggie. That’s what my week ended with. A Snuggie. I couldn’t think of anything more appropriate.