Gena’s Busiest Week Ever, Part Two, Day Three (a.m.)

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a.k.a. The Day I Became Super Human

15 appointments

14 coffees (not a joke)

2 glasses of wine

0 water

2 altoids

I started my day having breakfast at Loyola’s Café (268-6478), one of my all-time favorite diners. It’s probably because it reminds me of eating breakfast in Belen as a kid. My parents and I always sat in the back booth, and I gravitate towards the back booth at Loyola’s as well. I always order the chorizo and eggs and a cup of coffee. In this case, I ordered the usual, but with EIGHT refills of coffee. Don’t judge; it was about to be a long day. If you stop in, please try the posole – it is some of the best you can find in Albuquerque. Also wave to all the cops in there. Apparently it is a cop hangout and I didn’t know it. I definitely felt safe.

I have been working on the event for Saturday night feverishly while trying to keep on top of these appointments. It hasn’t been too terrible, but I am starting to mix up dates, times and countries … OK, not countries, but I did miss one appointment entirely so far. No worries though. I rescheduled. They were understanding. I sat with the planning committee for the event to discuss last-minute details. Like what color we are going to use to decorate the cookies, who will be in charge of the bagpiper and how to dispose of a 300-pound block of ice. Yes, these are all life and death event questions (he he he).

Julie Kirkpatrick from Auto Glass Services has replaced quite a few windshields for us over the last few years. It’s not so much that we are bad drivers though. We like to believe that we are great drivers with really bad luck. Back to glass – Auto Glass Services can replace vehicle glass, and they can do it at your location so that you don’t have to leave work. They have been in business in Albuquerque for more than 25 years and are owner operated.

(She was kind enough to also pass along the info for a dog trainer for my Yorkie, Buckley (picture No. 1 today), who has been having a few less than admirable moments at home.)

Christy Mae’s Restaurant on San Pedro is a great stop for lunch, but I didn’t even have time to eat today (sad face). The Albuquerque Turkey is a heap of warm turkey, grilled green chile and melted cheese on perfectly crispy buttered toasted bread. I order it without the bread and it is still amazing. They offer catering as well as dine-in. They also just started a Birthday and Loyalty Program in which you receive free yummy stuff.

Sandia Area Federal Credit Union has teamed up with the Storehouse this year to sell tickets to Albuquerque The Magazine‘s Chef Knockout Round 4. Tickets are available at all of their branch locations. More on that event later in the blog …

The marketing team at Sandia Area FCU knocks my marketing socks off! Jeff Cain (who recently gave up sweets for Lent; note to anyone wanting to deliver a box of freshly-baked sugary goodness to him to butter him up) is working on a campaign right now to get the word out that they are lending money for Home Equity Loans at some seriously low rates. Isn’t it time for a remodel? I could use a bigger closet myself…

Chris’ Custom Alterations and Sewing (, 268-0627) has more than 30 years of experience in the alterations world. They can work on men’s or women’s garments, and can make custom pieces. They offer express hems and same-day service. Chris and his wife are always in, always friendly, and very fair with their prices.

ABC Cake Shop has been baking up cakes and pastries in Albuquerque for just about forever. They are helping me with custom-cut cookies for the event on Saturday night. Paul is seen here with one of their beautiful wedding cakes. They have a digital design center in the store, and you can come in with an idea for a custom cake and sit with a specialist to design exactly what it will look and taste like. I didn’t try any of the cupcakes this trip, which is amazing since frosting is one of my favorite mid-day snacks. How’s that for WILLPOWER?

I’m going to let everyone in on this secret, which will completely kill the whole point of the secret, but oh well: I love to go over to Suits Unlimited just to hang out with the staff. Steve and his sister Terry are some of the coolest people I know, and I love talking about everything and nothing with them. They do have a ton of swanky suits at very affordable prices, a killer tux rental program and an on-site tailor. However, I’ve gotten in trouble with them more than once for giving my opinion to the guys who are trying on suits. I still give it though. Stop in to see them, and let me know if you need my opinion.