Gena’s Busiest Week Ever, Part 2, Day Three (afternoon)

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Day Three: Afternoon

I started the afternoon with a proper ginormous latte and sat down with Carol Clegg who is a Virtual Personal Assistant. She specializes in quite a few things, but basically can help manage corporate and home life without actually taking up any office space.  She also can help book and charter flights in the Caribbean. (Her husband is a pilot there.)

I always enjoy popping in at Model Pharmacy (3636 Monte Vista Blvd. NE, 255-8686) for an old fashioned shake. Today was not a shake day though; today I was intent to find a birthday gift. I did make my way through the soda shop though, and guaranteed I will be back for a Strawberry Malt sometime soon.

Since this is technically “hump day” I just don’t think I could have made it any further through my appointments without a hug and a smile from my handsome husband … (and giving him some shameless promotion wasn’t at all on my list). You might recognize him from his ads in the magazine. He is Curtiss LaCross (pictured on the right,, and he’s a financial advisor at Merrill Lynch. He is pictured here with partner Jeff Doll and Client Associate Cathy Parry.

Real Estate can be a tricky game these days, but Hailey Roy (, an associate broker with Home Authority, has it figured out. She works hard, and is one of the best open house promoters that you will find in Albuquerque. We discussed how many buyers are in the market for Real Estate Contracts as opposed to conventional lending. It might be a great time to list your home with this option!

Nearing the end of my day I stopped in the offices of Dr. Aaron Mayberry, one of a few plastic surgeons here in Albuquerque. We probably talked about too many topics to even start discussing in this blog, but I can tell you he is extremely comforting, knowledgeable and caring to the needs of his patients. His office is an intimate environment and I felt very at ease in the patient room during our discussion. We reviewed some of his “before and after” photos on his website and I was thoroughly impressed with his work and the transformation he performs on his patients. He truly changes people’s lives.

Most anyone who knows me well knows that I L-O-V-E to shop. So I am usually at Diva D’luxe at least once a week just to see what might be new in the store. Denise Cordero-Lapetina and her mother Viola Cordero have been leading Albuquerque in high fashion for many years. For me, they have been steering me away from bad patterns, neon colors and pointy pumps ever since the magazine began back in 2004. I do love spending time with both of them, and today I was able to pick out a killer black Joseph Ribkoff jacket at a discount sample sale. Score!

We left together to share dinner, and to enjoy wine with our husbands at The Melting Pot (2011 Mountain Road NW, 843-6358) in Old Town. I have always enjoyed having a quiet dinner with friends over fondue, but tonight was interesting with the addition of three glasses of wine (no driving for me, of course). The mixture of  caffeine and alcohol was overly entertaining to my dinner companions, and to our server. I’m pretty certain that one of my friends should have taken me away from the fondue skewers for safety reasons alone, but I did end up making it through the wonderful dinner without hurting myself or anyone else. I must report that I lost a few good shrimp to the bottom of the bubbling hot oil, but my husband was able to rescue them with the “Search and Rescue” spoon that The Melting Pot provides with every main course. They really do think of everything!