Gena’s Busiest Week Ever, Part 2

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Day Two

10 appointments

2 coffees

1 latte

1 cappucino

1 decaf coffee

Zero alcoholic beverages … but the week is still young.

Jeanneth Lopez has been advertising in the magazine for six months now. We try to catch up with each other every so often to discuss advertising strategy at Starbucks. It’s important for my staff to keep in touch with clients, and to make sure their ads really are working for them. Jeanneth has been involved in planning a first-ever event, The Pink Ribbon Mixer, and this morning was spent going through the details. Jeanneth is the first person in Albuquerque to try to make sure that cancer patients have access to complimentary housekeeping. It’s a great cause, and she is in need of community support. She runs Cleaning for a Reason here in Albuquerque, and this is the organization’s fundraiser.  The event is April 9 at Sandia Resort and Casino. The public can get involved by attending, but she also still has a few vendor booths still available. Of course, sponsors are always welcome. Jeanneth owns Rio Rancho Cleaning, and despite the name the company, travels all over the city.

Speaking of cleaning, ever wish you could have dinner without the mess? AND without driving to pick up take-out? Easy! Just Dine In can help with that. Ron Patel’s company can hook you up with this easy plan. Just call them or log on to place an order. They place the order, pick it up, and deliver it to your door. Yes, it really is that easy. They have more than 40 restaurants that participate and more on the way! They can also help plan an office event, or company catering. Their staff can even do the set up. I’m not going to lie here. It’s a great thing for the city and I am a huge fan.

Carson Phillips of HBW (you can email him at stopped by ATM to visit with me this morning. “Help Build Wealth” is his company’s motto. He says he can educate people on his products (which includes life insurance) without sales pressure. He is a UNM alum, and played baseball for the Lobos. He is a recent re-plant to Albuquerque, and he is enjoying what he does for a living. (He was good enough to not banter with me in my Lobo vs. Aggie rant.)

Park and Shine is a mobile auto cleaning and detailing company. Not only  are they affordable, but they’re dependable, honest, and meticulous. This pic was taken in the ATM back lot this morning and the crew was hard at work cleaning our publisher’s truck. They are regulars at our parking lot because we all dig how awesome their work is. A clean car? Hmm … that gets me thinking about what mine will look like at the end of this week. I already have a coffee cup collection getting out of control in the front seat, and my back seat – fuh-getta-bout it.

CamTuning is a specialized company here in town that really can “juice” up your car. They specialize in Subarus but can help tune some other makes and models as well. Cameron Dawes and Josh Hind joined me for lunch at Fuddrucker’s. Cameron’s nanny cancelled today, so two of his little ones joined us as well!  Thank goodness we picked a family-friendly restaurant!  The kids were a nice break in the hectic day, and I enjoyed watching them skillfully dunk chicken fingers in ketchup. Okay, it wasn’t exactly skillful, and most of the ketchup ended up on their dad, but it was amusing!

Josh and I have been friends for about three years now. He is also a significantly good bowler. Bowling is how we met. I have often wondered where his obsession with fast cars would lead, and turns out that this is it. Cameron drives the fastest Subaru in New Mexico. I argued, “Are you sure?” Yes, he is super sure. His Subaru WRX has the highest and fastest HP in the state. It has 675 horse power. WHP. I am no gear head, and even though my husband forces me to watch Top Gear on BBC America, I still don’t understand all this knowledge. So, in plain English, his car goes 0 to 60 in something like three seconds, and 0 to 100 in seven seconds. So, I think that qualifies as really really fast. They have the technology to tune cars for street racing, drag racing, or just-for-fun racing. They make cars goes fast. They are seen posing in front of their babies … not the children in the photo of course; the two cars in the back.

I stopped in to Café Guiseppe in Nob Hill for a quick cappuccino today. I ordered in, and then had to get it to go. But the foam was amazing. It was probably the most beautiful cup of cappuccino I have seen here in town! Speaking to one of the owners, I found out they are opening a new location in a few weeks in Downtown Albuquerque. Be on the lookout for the Gold Avenue spot. I have a meeting here again tomorrow, and I honestly can’t wait to try something else. They serve organic, fair trade drip coffee. (I am all about organic.) No wonder these guys won Best of the City in 2008.

I popped in across the street from Café Guiseppe to see my old friend Dooley Gilchrist. I hadn’t seen his new Nob Hill location, and now I am wondering why I didn’t stop in sooner. After the upstairs tour, I was invited to see the Man Lair; nothing weird here, people … Just a foosball table, some disco lighting, a drum set, and bad seating. But it is awesome! I want to hang out there more often. Davis and Gilchrist, P.C., are great attorneys … and maybe even better musicians. You can catch them playing Downtown this weekend at The Launch Pad.

*despite this blog write-up they are both very serious, very talented professionals

My next stop was at Alta Mira. I sat with Jim Copeland, their Executive Director. He changed my day, if not my entire week. Being in a place that serves the good of the people can do that to you. I would ask everyone reading this to visit their website to find out how to help this wonderful organization. Their mission is to support individuals with developmental risks, delays, or disabilities and their families, to optimize quality of life. They are holding a donation drive right now that I think might be the easiest and greatest I have heard of in a long time. You can get more info on their website, but they are asking for bubbles and Play-Doh donations through the end of March.

I’ve always idolized my cool friends that drive sweet cars with top-of-the-line auto accessories. Like how do they get those custom parts, and where do they find velvet lining? I hung out at Cara Van Customs today (3315 Princeton Drive NE, 888-3443). Mike McCracken showed me around the store, and gave me a tour of the install facility. Turns out they do quite a bit more than Vans these days.They can install sunroofs, upholstery, accessories, rims, and soooo much more than I can type. Basically, they can customize your ride. And since they are family owned and operated, they are easy to work with.

Bridal Elegance by Darlene (4100 Menaul Blvd. NE, 830-2110) is my all-time favorite dress store. Mostly because Darlene is one of the NICEST ladies in Albuquerque. She just is. I recently wore a wedding dress that she hand picked for me and it was perfect. She has the ability to magically pick out the best gowns that will suit certain body types, and she specializes in all sizes. Part of the fun of going into see her is trying on gowns. Today I must have tried on at least 12 gowns … and I will admit that one was a wedding gown. Yes, I am already married, but they really do make it princess-like to try things on there. I picked a Sex and the City-type party dress for my event this Saturday and I really can’t wait to wear it. (Carrie Bradshaw would be jealous of this dress!) Darlene carries bridal, prom, special occasion, mother-of-the-bride, and bridesmaid dresses. Oh, and dresses for little girls as well. She is always happy to help, and never requires an appointment.