Gena’s Busiest Week Ever: Day Two

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ATM’s sales director set out to book as many appointments as she could in a week. Here’s how day two shook loose.

Tuesday, February 2:

9 meetings
1 lunch
1 dinner
57 miles driven

photo-11Appointment #1: I met with the staff of Stribling Chiropractic, which is always fun. Dr. Stribling is a great chiropractor, but he’s also a Kinesio taping expert—which means he’s been setting the city straight (get it?) for more than 27 years. And he’s been in the same location the whole time! He and wife also own and run a fun retail shop in the East Mountains, Just Too Cute. It’s a fun boutique filled with interesting items and great gifts.

photo-12Appointment #2: Ben E. Keith came on board as ATM’s Chef Knockout sponsor two years ago. Todd and Kathy came by the ATM offices to chat about this year’s event in June. We’re already into the heavy planning stages to make this year’s event bigger, better, and—of course—more fattening! Chef Knockout is our answer to “Iron Chef”: eight chefs compete in four head-to-head battles. We host the event at the Convention Center and attract more than 1500 foodies to watch the battle, taste the food, and vote on cocktail concoctions. Last year we even had a Gauc-a-media challenge, putting the spotlight on local personalities and their guacamole-making abilities.

photo-14Appointment #3: Kelly Koepke and I chat on Facebook quite often. I, of course, am mostly wasting time while I’m at work (oops—is this the wrong place to admit that?). She, on the other hand, is actually working. As a matter of fact, she spends a lot of her time posting on Facebook, tweeting on Twitter, and blogging as part of her job. For those of you who really just don’t get how posts, tweets, and blogs work, Kelly is a light in the digital darkness. Kelly manages social networking and integrates all elements of online life into your business. She’s also a great writer! I say this from personal experience. She wrote my “Forty Under 40” for the New Mexico Business Weekly last year.  She managed to make me sound cool. So now I’m her biggest fan.

photo-13Between-appointments meeting: I met with ATM’s publisher, Larryl, and marketing director, Kelly, for a quick, top-secret confab. (Insert devious chuckle here!) It’s not at all unusual for me to meet with them—we meet up regularly to talk about magazine business—so the meeting didn’t add a lot more busy-ness to my day. But how fabulous is this picture? I just had to post it.

photo-15Appointment #4: Erica Swan wanted to meet for coffee at one of her favorite locally-owned coffee spots in town. Napoli Coffee is on Carlisle, just north of Menaul. It’s quiet and comfortable… like Albuquerque’s own version of Central Perk (hello, “Friends” reference for all of you ‘90s sitcom fans!). Erica sells outdoor advertising for Clear Channel Outdoor. We have some similar qualities as sales chicks, so getting together is always entertaining. She’s going to be embarrassed by this, but I do believe she has the most beautiful eyes… just look at her picture!

photo-16Appointment #5: Webster University is one of Albuquerque’s success stories. I met with Caroline Lwali, the communications relations coordinator. She and her husband moved to Albuquerque two years ago, after she had graduated from Webster University’s main campus in St. Louis. She got in touch with Webster’s career services program about getting a job in ABQ and met with the local director. They loved her so much, they placed her right away—with the university!

photo-17Appointment #6: I met Norm Ruth for lunch. Norm’s with Deluxe Design in Rio Rancho, which helped ATM with our last Corporate Roll Bowling Tournament. His team of graphic gods helped us create a bowing theme (and won the “Most Creative Team Tee Shirts Award” last year). Not only are they fantastic bowlers, they can create a mean marketing campaign. He showed me the limited edition posters he’s printing for Eric Clapton’s next concert tour. Norm can help small businesses with signage, shirts, graphics, and vehicle wraps. But don’t limit him to the small stuff. I’m sure he would wrap the Hyatt downtown if someone would let him!

photo-18Appointment #7: Chow’s Chinese Bistro in Cottonwood Mall is a nice change of pace for lunch or dinner. Jason Zeng, who runs the restaurant with his father, travels to China all the time to get inspiration for new dishes, and to bring back plates, teapots, and other eclectic items to make the dining experience more authentic. Chow’s now has a quick lunch menu that is not only a great escape from the hustle of business lunches, but also easy on the wallet. I had the Cashew Chicken lunch combo that included soup, a salad, and hot tea for less than $11.

photo-19Appointment #8: Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce has been a partner of ATM since the very beginning of our magazine—almost six years ago! Jeffrey Candelaria is (and I told him I would say this) one of the most intriguing individuals in the city. He’s passionate about small business and has been helping the chamber members thrive in our community. The chamber is in full-on event mode, getting ready La Noche Encantada this weekend. Tickets are sold out and they are expecting 2,000 people to attend. It’s where I’ll end my Busiest Week Ever—with a drink in my hand and glitter in my hair.

photo-20Appointment #9: Raine Klover and Fenton Ayres are the two photographers who opened Wooden Cow Gallery in Mossman Center to help out local artists and to have an excuse to spend all day working on their craft. Thanks to you readers, the gallery won “Best Art Gallery” in our 2009 Best of the City Issue. They attended the Best of the City Party and have since been enjoying the publicity. Their gallery rotates about 50 artists and their work. Right now, they’re featuring the artists of Trader Joe’s; employees who are encouraged to follow their artistic talents, and the show truly brings out their abilities. You’ve got to stop in just to see the great paintings that the employees have done.

photo-21Appointment #10: My good friend Cassandra Costley works at UNM in Career Services. The department does everything in its power to help students with their career paths, guide them in finding jobs, and even start them out with a great resumé. Once a year they host an “etiquette dinner” in the SUB Ballroom to get the students in front of potential employers while honing dining and social networking skills. I participated as an employer. We mingled with the students for a cocktail hour and then had a seated dinner. Cassandra led the table with an etiquette presentation (no elbows on the table please!) while we enjoyed our Chicken Cordon Bleu. I met seven students who were willing to listen to my crazy advice on life for an hour. Thanks to UNM for including me. And thanks, Cassandra, now I know where to place my used sugar packets…

Stay tuned for the rest of Gena’s week!