Gena’s Busiest Week Ever: Day Three

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Gena’s busiest week is halfway through—here’s what happened on Wednesday!

Wednesday, February 3:
11 meetings
1 lunch
128 miles driven

photo-23Appointment #1: ABQ Paw Pals came to the office design their display ad for the March issue, which we’re finishing up now. They’re the city’s newest pet sitting service, but they do more than just watch your pooch. Michael and Leah also include a 40-minute walk, feeding, water fill-up, treats—and they’ll they even water your plants while you’re away. It’s peace of mind for when you travel or even if you need someone to check in on Fido if you’re away for long hours during the day. They also have a pet waste removal service (a fancy way of saying they pick up poop). They come out weekly and remove pet waste from your outdoor area, clean up, and take the waste with them for $8.99 a week.

photo-24Appointment #2: Jesse and Mike at ABQ Trolley Co. are the hippest trolley drivers you’ll ever meet. They started their trolley tour business last year—I’m sure you’ve seen their trolleys tooling around town—and are having a blast running the company. They are pretty excited about their Halloween tour, which they call “The Trolley of Terror” (insert spooky sounds here). The trolley tours start up again in April when the weather is warmer (it’s an open air trolley).

photo-25Appointment #3: I met with Excel Staffing, Albuquerque’s largest staffing provider (also locally owned and operated), at their offices off Louisiana. Duane Trythall is the CEO at Excel, and he told me he’s always looking for new candidates for employment and employers who need qualified candidates. They’re a temp-to-hire company; around 60% of their staff get hired for full-time employment. Duane also does work for Albuquerque Independent Business Alliance, so he’s a true fan of local business (and also our newest subscriber!).

photo-26Appointment #4: Buffett’s Candies is always one of my favorite stops when I drive on Lomas. Patty Buffett and I chatted about her dad’s “Lunch With” article in our February issue while I picked out Valentine’s treats for my coworkers. Somewhere in between the white chocolate pretzels and the marshmallow hearts, Patty told me that the store will be open this Valentine’s Day, and they’re open on Sundays. A good reason to get out of bed, huh?

photo-27Appointment #5: In a former life, I worked the ticket window at UNM Ticketing for Lobo games and Popejoy events. The experience gave me the opportunity to learn how to communicate louder through a small glass opening. But seriously, I loved my time there, and got to know the associate A.D. and director of ticketing services, Mark Koson. Mark will never admit this, but he’s owed me lunch for about a year since we started our partnership. I finally made him make good on it, and we ended up at Two Fools Tavern. I had the fish and chips—the very best I have ever had, anywhere, anytime. Mark and I worked out the details for ticketing our next event and made plans to make plans for another year of trying to get together for lunch. (PS: I didn’t let him buy!)

photo-28Appointment #6: Denise at Diva D’Luxe is one of my favorite ladies in the city. She’s stylish, beautiful, and inspiring. Her shop on Menaul and Pennsylvania is a little getaway for me when I feel like shopping and need a change of scene. I like that her boutique is constantly changing. She keeps her clothes reasonably priced and always encourages me to try things on that I normally wouldn’t try—but then end up loving.

photo-29Appointment #7: Prudential Sandia Realty has five locations in Albuquerque and, eve though they have 107 agents, they’re looking to expand and hire even more. That kind of success story gives us all some optimism in what’s been a so-so economy, huh? Eddie Costello is the V.P. and qualifying broker. He’s been in Albuquerque long enough to be considered a native and, like me, loves Marcello’s lobster mac-n-cheese.

photo-30Appointment #8: Ashley Drake Gephart and her husband, Karl Gephart, help businesses as social media consultants with Drake Intelligence Group. They are skilled in building websites, ghost writing, and reputation management. They met on a BBS more than 16 years ago, and after falling in love (and giving the world one of the sweetest engagement ring stories—see our February Bridal Guide issue for pics and details!), decided to help the rest of us along the Internet superpath. They are looking to expand their current clientele. Ashley is doing work for Prudential Sandia Real Estate and Best Buddies NM, but you can also find her all over Twitter and Facebook. She definitely practices what she preaches.

photo-31Appointment #9: You might remember All Kinds of Blinds from ATM’s Home Makeover Issues in 2006 and 2007—Robin Schalk has been helping ATM with our window dilemmas for more than five years. We played catch-up this afternoon—I found out she just moved her business to 7400 Montgomery NE, Suite 31, in Mossman Center. Good to know for anyone looking to jazz up their windows—after all, she specializes in custom window coverings and offers free in-home consultations.

photo-32Appointment #10: Joyce Marie at Connections Dating is a matchmaker—yep, just like they had in the old days. She is also a “certified singles coach,” which means she can untangle the crazy path that single people often have to walk. It’s always a treat to meet with her, because her outlook on dating is so different—I’d say that she refines dating. If you know anyone who has tried the Internet dating scene and just didn’t feel like it worked, Connections might be the answer.

photo-33Appointment #11: I met with the brother-sister team of Elliott and Erica Shelton at Shelton Jewelers on Montgomery and found out they’ve created some outstanding new heart pendants for Valentine’s Day. Elliott designed his own heart pendant that Erica was wearing in her photo. Elliott’s design starts at $99, and Erica also showed me the new sterling silver heart pendant that’s only $59. (Ahem, dear fiancé, this post is for you.)

photo-34Appointment #12: True confession number one: I have memberships to three unnamed gyms. True confession number two: I just went two years without using any of them. So my meeting with Elise at The Sports Clubs was a wakeup call. She reminded me that age is catching up with me and that I need to get in gear to get back in shape. I’m not going to lie. She is so inspiring and amazing that I actually did start going back to the gym. So now I’m eating right, training two days a week, and journaling my food intake. Elise and her husband have four locations around town. They convinced me that anyone can find the time to get to the gym. Even me, during a week like this!

Three days down, two to go—and a big, not-to-miss event! Stay tuned…