Gena’s Busiest Week Ever: Day Five

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Gena’s busiest week is just about over—after a jam-packed Friday. Check it out:

Thursday, February 4:
8 meetings
1 lunch
1 beer in the Gutter
94 miles driven

Appointment #1: Dry Heat Photography collectively has 25 years of wedding photography experience. Rick and DeAnna have the cool factor and the experience to make any bride shine on her wedding day. These two have a studio and art gallery in Corrales and represent 7 photographers. They shoot about 50 weddings a year, but also do non-bridal photography. They met me for breakfast, but I was the only one eating (a sesame bagel at Flying Star Corrales.) It was the first time I’ve had a chance to sit with them and talk about how they are doing. They’re appearing this year at ATM’s Wedding Showcase, so make sure you visit them at the event!

Appointment #2: Las Mananitas Luxury Apartment Community is located on the Westside, directly west of Riverside Plaza. Brian Sanchez is the community manager there. He is the dashingly handsome guy posing on the fountain next to the pool. Brian and I went to school together in Belen, so I’ve known him for quite awhile. He just moved back from NY, and we’re lucky: he’s one of the best in his field, and skilled at finding the right fit for anyone looking for a temporary residence.

Appointment #3: Kimberly Mendoza moved her Lee Taylor Real Estate Group to the Westside not too long ago. You might have seen the sign up near Coors and Sevilla NW. That’s why we met at the Starbucks just up the street. Kimberly and her family have been long time friends of the magazine, but this week gave us a reason to catch up on business. She’s working hard to keep her agents happy, and as of now they’re weathering the real estate storm well. Kimberly is always willing to help anyone with real estate questions… seriously, I’m always calling her!

Appointment #4: Kelli Cooper and Randy Royster are part of the team that makes Albuquerque Community Foundation rock! Kelli and her team organize one of my favorite Albuquerque events in the fall, Concours de Soleil. It showcases an incredible collection of high end cars. I call it mastery in transportation. She is just a delightful person to work with, so this year ATM decided to sponsor the event again. On my way out, I asked Randy for a photo, and even though he resisted, I got one anyway. (I think I’m earning my paparazzo card!)

Appointment #5: Jeff Baillio is a popular dude around town. I don’t think he can get away without being recognized—he’s been the face of Baillio’s, the family business, on TV for awhile. He came by to bug me about an apple pie recipe that I keep forgetting to give him… that’s what I get for giving him a homemade pie as a gift last year. Baillio’s just reacquired family ownership, and after visiting the store this month, it’s extremely evident. I love shopping local!

Appointment #6: I had lunch with Adam Greenhood from Esparza Advertising. I was supposed to take Adam out for his birthday. He tried to cancel on me. I forced him to go anyway. Plus, he didn’t want to miss out on this incredible photo op. That’s him, trying to hitch a ride on Fifth Street in front of the Esparza offices. We met for lunch at the Asian Noodle Bar. I realized at lunch that I always, always, no matter what, order fried rice at Asian restaurants. I tried to pay attention to Adam, but the whole time I was fixated on the fried rice obsession. We didn’t discuss business anyway. It was just a good time to hang out with a friend. Happy birthday, Adam!

Appointment #7: Ambitions Consulting Group contacted me right away about participating in my busiest week ever. Erin Muffoletto, Lucas M. Rael, and J.R. Rael make up this incredibly dynamic organization. You might recognize Erin from our most recent Hot Singles Issue. She and her two partners are starting to take over the world, one business at a time. They are moving forward on consulting projects with Erin’s focus on the political side of things. I see these guys going far. Better get to know them while you can, before they go big time.

Appointment #8: Tony Lynn from Big I 107.9 is one of those guys who really loves dogs, so much so that he and his wife opened up Tony Lynn’s Caring Paws Doggie Daycare in midtown. They became advertisers at the end of last year. ATM loves these little start-up stories and theirs is one of our favorites! They are a kind-hearted couple with tons of extra love for the furry guys.  Their day care prices are reasonable, and the love and attention are priceless!

Appointment #9: Janice Lujan from the Phoenix Agency and Melanie Burns from Achievement Gallery stopped in at ATM just to say hi. I think they heard about the blog, and I should have called to get an appointment with them, but these ladies are so busy, I had no idea I’d get to see them at all.

Last, but not least: Beer in the Gutter with the guys from 3. ATM’s offices are upstairs from REI and we share the entire sec9nd floor with the ad agency known as 3. They are 3. Just 3. Not 3M. Not 3 guys. Just 3. (They like to make that clear.) About once a month, we gather in the Gutter, our kitchen/bar/movie theater. We have a beer keg in the Gutter. So our monthly gatherings are always on a Friday, at the end of the day. It’s a good time to relax, catch up, and talk about the advertising world beyond our doors. It’s nice to end a week with good neighbors.

It may be Friday, but the week’s not up yet! Check out the grand finale on Saturday night.