Gena’s Busiest Week Ever, Day Five

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Day Five–Nearing the End

7 Appointments – Slowing Down but not done by far!

2 Coffees (Yes, only two coffees. I have to dry out at some point. I am starting to worry about the short term effect of caffeine levels in my system. Plus, I didn’t sleep very well the last two nights.)

My day started in Rio Rancho at The Sports Clubs. Elise Damico along with her husband Steve run the Albuquerque locations. They are locally owned and operated. The recent addition of the Silver Sneakers program at the Rio Rancho location is very exciting for the local senior community. Membership in the Silver Sneakers program is zero cost to Medicare-eligible members of health plans that offer the Silver Sneakers Fitness Program. You can contact the club for details on the program. Elise also informed me they are offering Zumba at each of their locations now. I asked her to measure my body fat and weight, and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would have been. Maybe running around all week helped shed a few pounds? Then she gave me the nudge since I haven’t been working out like I should. Yes, Elise. I will get back on the horse and you’ll see me in sweats and tennis next week–I promise! (Thank goodness for positive role models in my life!)

I was intimidated by Lesmen’s Pro Audio the first time I went in. Then I met the owner, Mark Padilla. He might be one of the nicest business owners in the city. Besides running a successful audio/video business, he is also the executive producer of three television shows: The After After Party on the New Mexico CW, Nuevowood on My 50tv, and Quepex on Telemundo. He introduced me to his  new venture–he calls it “the simple way of preparing red chili.” It’s really as simple as just adding water to the bag of red chile mix. That’s Ramey Giron, Mark’s business partner in the photo. Lesmen’s also houses a state-of-the-art recording studio called Blas Records. There is nothing to be missed while visiting Mark. It is always entertaining!

While I was at Lesmen’s I was able to sit down with Steven Michael Quezada. You will recognize him from numerous movies and television roles, but none more popular that his role as a DEA Agent in Breaking Bad. He is an actor, comedian, writer, producer and director. We caught up on his local charity work and what he has coming up in his career. Always a huge supporter of the local causes, he agreed to do some stand up comedy at our event on Saturday night … should be interesting since he will be entertaining a ballroom full of cops. With cop jokes. As they say in Hollywood: Stay tuned!

Next stop: run into Casual Male (6601 Menaul Blvd. NE, 889-0485) to buy a gift. I met the manager, Scott Ferris, who just happens to be a huge fan of Albuquerque The Magazine. Thanks, Scott, for keeping up with what we are doing in Albuquerque, and thanks for always having an extra tall T-shirt in stock when I need to buy a gift!

One of my greatest meetings by far this week was with Lanette Duvall ( She is an accounting specialist with her own company here in town. She has been successful in starting her own small business accounting practice, but she is also looking for a few more clients. She can handle bookkeeping, Quickbooks, payroll, AP, AR, and a few other services. Not to sound crazy here, but she actually inspired me to do MORE with myself. I know–even in my busiest week ever, I can always strive to do more and to be more successful. Thanks Lanette!

I came back to my office where I met with Comedian Eddie Tafoya and Producer/Director Mark Mastrangelo, who were waiting for me. We were in opposite sides of the city waiting for each other at two different Satellite Coffee locations. Basically, Eddie and I  wouldn’t make a very good team in The Amazing Race. Eddie brought along Mark to meet me, and to discuss The Duke City Comedy League. Not sure if you have seen the show, but it airs on My-50TV Saturdays at midnight. It is listed on IMDB and just won the honor of being the ninth Best TV Series to debut in 2010 on IMDB.  Mark says it even beat out Conan’s new show. Way to go local comedy.*

*Note to the readers: Eddie is an English Lit Professor in real life outside of being a comedian, and he hates it when people use exclamation points too frequently, so even though I was extremely excited by their news I will continue to restrain myself and my writing … ahem… ahem.

Last appointment of the day was all the way back to Rio Rancho. Today was a full tank of gas kinda day to say the least. I went to Deluxe Design. They created the table and event signage for tomorrow’s event, and are extremely creative. Even though it drives them nuts, I usually give them almost nothing to go on for an idea and wait to see what they create. This time they knocked it completely out of the park! They really are great at what they do.