Gena’s Busiest Week Ever, Day 4

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Day Four

10 Appointments

4 Coffees

1 Latte

1 Amazing cocktail (read further for info)

1 Glass of wine

I made a pit-stop at Starbucks on Lomas and Broadway to grab my first coffee for the day and ended up running into Mr. Matt Woodcock (see Day One). This was a good thing because the photo I posted of him was just horrible. My iPhone doesn’t take the most glamorous photos to begin with, and without good light, it can make people look a bit pasty, dark and unattractive. So, I asked Matt to pose again. We got this great shot of him and were able to laugh about how the photo from Monday made him look as if he is a spy hiding out from the CIA by disguising his identity in poorly lit iPhone web photos (haha).

I could say a thousand wonderful things about Jones Photo Art, or you could just click on the link and check out their work for yourself. I cannot begin to describe the beauty that Seth and Desiree Jones create with their photography. They are natural artists and posses the ability to understand human emotion through a camera lens–and it shows in their work.

I met Missy Wauneka at Flying Star in Nob Hill. She is offering a newly available skin care line from Rodan + Fields (the same people who brought ProActive to the market). She represents the line here in New Mexico. It is a luxury skin care line that contains dermatological oriented medication. She tested it on my hand and I was excited to feel the coolness of the product. I’ve been looking for a new skin care regimen and this might be the answer!

Ooh Aah Jewelry in Nob Hill is my secret jewelry fantasy land  (*note to anyone out there looking for the perfect gift for me). They have the most beautiful pieces imaginable at extremely affordable prices. They are well known for having a huge selection of sterling silver, but they also carry some fine jewelry items and customizable bridal jewelry. They are also discounting everything that is the color green 15 percent during the month of March to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

Cassandra Costley ( is a Career Development Facilitator at UNM in the Office of Career Services. We used to work together at The Pit in the ticketing office years ago. We keep in touch and our lives intersect once a year when her office hosts the annual UNM Etiquette Dinner for students. If you didn’t know that UNM offers this service, it’s an extremely useful tool for students who are about to graduate. Groups of students are placed at banquet tables with prospective employers. We, as employers, are there to teach the students how to network, talk and delicately eat dinner while  making a good impression on potential employers. It’s education for everyone involved.

Zinc (3009 Central Ave. NE, 254-ZINC) is one of my favorite lunch spots for three reasons: 1. They have amazing fish tacos; 2. They offer wine with lunch (yes, please!); and 3. The chef will recreate dishes on the menu around dietary needs without making you feel high maintenance. The chef  split our salad, crafted our sandwiches without bread and even pressed  a super fresh watermelon agua fresca on the side, just to be nice. We were super appreciative and ate every bite!

I had to make a trip downtown to the Bernalillo County Office Building to see Mr. Jim Dixon. He was working on the Video Presentation for the event on Saturday evening. He is an asset to the county that is immeasurable. His knowledge of video production is way out of the ordinary. For a guy who spends most of his time editing crime scene footage and training videos, he is quite artistic when given the offer. He was able to create a complete A/V presentation that was more than two hours in length in just a few days for us. Thanks Jim! (*HUGE HUG!)

I high-heel hiked through Downtown for one more trip over to the Albuquerque Convention Center to meet with Jennie and Melissa to finalize the details for Saturday’s event. It is all starting to come together. Now if I can only get the rest of the world on their advanced time schedule–way to go guys! ACC rocks!

Has anyone else not been to the new Hotel Parq Central in EDO? I had the same thought that I think every other Albuquerquean has had: Wow. That was a hospital before, and now it’s a hotel? BUT … I might have been the strongest of disbelievers that the aura would be grim. Then I spent the afternoon touring the beautiful hallways, the revamped rooms and the masterfully decorated Apothecary Bar upstairs. One word: WOW! I want to say way to go to Yancy Sturgeon. He is the managing director at the property. He had the bartender make me a Ginger Smash. Someone told him I am a whiskey girl. This drink has two faves: whiskey and apples. I had all intentions to just sip it, but I was all the way at the bottom of the drink before I knew it (this is when I got to take a break from the hectic appointments and rest for a while). Yancy not only changed my mind–I now think I want to live there. All the time. Permanently. For ever.

Cosmetic Dentistry of New Mexico has been a long time advertiser with ATM. You can find their beautiful double truck ad spread in the front of every issue. Dr. Byron Wall has been a long time friend as well. He invited me over for Thursday happy hour h’ordeuvres and wine. We sampled some Spanish cheese–manchego I believe–sipped Milagro Vinyards red wine and munched some tastly little barbecue riblets. Somewhere during all the noshing we got around to talking business. Byron is one of the city’s premier cosmetic dentists, and is always accepting new patients (thanks, Byron–I was starving!).

My very last appointment today was at Lorenco’s Salon (255-8693). I had my third-ever airbrush spray tan. Before you ask yourself how this happens–yes, you have to stand naked, or mostly naked, in front of someone and let them spray tan solution all over your body. But if you are about to attempt a strapless dress in front of 500 people, it makes it a little less daunting. Theresa Recio of Lorenco’s is one of the best in Albuquerque to see. The results will be evident by the photos on Saturday evening.