Favorite Things Friday

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We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but your couch says you’ve been a bit too clingy lately.

Apparently, you’re smothering it. So give it some space already!

Instead, get out and about for these amazing Albuquerque events that come but once in a great while–the city’s calling you to get outside and sniff the lavender, take a trip around the world without setting foot on a plane, or snatch up some art for a steal and play pattycake with Janet Napolitano (provided you can get past the Secret Service Agents!).

Read on, and all will be explained.

Japanese Mini Festival and Open House

When East collides with the Southwest, beautiful things are sure to happen.

Find out what all the fuss is about at the Japanese Mini Festival and Open House; a celebration sponsored by Japanese Martial & Cultural Arts Center Bushido Kenkyukai to commemorate their 10th anniversary in Albuquerque.

Marvel at the skills of traditional Japanese Taiko Drummers. Soak up the significant words sent out from Shigin (Japanese singing poetry) performer Ms. Yoko Tadda. Gasp at the fluid body motions of Okinawan Shorin Ryu Karate masters.

Whether you decide to take up origami through an on-site demonstration or participate in the 1,000 crane dedication, you’re sure to find your new favorite hobby from the Far East (www.BKWoW.com).

The 9th Annual Lavender in the Village Festival

Bring a few friends to Los Ranchos and breathe in deeply for the 9th Annual Lavender in the Village Festival–a celebration dedicated to delighting the noses of Albuquerqueans and promoting public open space, community spirit, and a common interest in sustainable agriculture.

The sweet-smelling party starts today at 6 p.m. at the Agri-Nature Center at 4920 Rio Grande Blvd. NW, where attendees can party it up at the Lavender Country Hoedown. Try your hand at the corn hole toss, rope some steel “steers,” or sway to the sweet songs of Redneck the Band (rednecktheband.com), who have performed on the same stage as country music superstars, including Alabama and Garth Brooks.

For ticket info, shoot an email to katiesnapp@mac.com.

The festival continues on Saturday and Sunday at 8 a.m. with workshops on how to grow and distill lavender, how to make lavender wands, and primers on how to cook with it. Attendees can visit the booths of various local businesses and organizations to the tune of performances from The Sandivas, The Eastside Ramblers, and six other notable bands and performers.

And did we mention there will be donkeys and mules there, as well? A few of the new attendees this year are The Rio Grande Mule & Donkey Association, which has promised to display a few of their asses every day to the delight of passerby, as well as The Los Ranchos Beekeepers, who will put out some observation and demonstration hives of live bees, if the weather permits.

Don’t forget to bring your dog, fish, or alpaca (seriously… Alpacas are invited) to the pet parade on Saturday, sponsored by Canine Country Club & Feline Inn. For more info and a complete schedule, visit lavenderinthevillage.com.

Weems Gallery $285 Sale

Don’t forget to wrap your delicate meat mitts around some amazing deals on unique artwork this Saturday, courtesy of Weems Gallery (7200 Montgomery Blvd. NE, 293-6133, weemsgallery.com).

The shop will host their annual $285 Sale, which allows Albuquerqueans to purchase more original art at cut-rate prices that max out at $285.Browse for more than 200 pieces of art, including paintings, bronze sculptures and woodwork at steep, steep discounts. For example, a timeless painting of poppy flowers–titled “TWO REDS” by artist Dee Sanchez–will sell for $285 instead of its retail value of $1,000 (deesanchezpaints.com).

But be warned–not everyone waiting in line is from Albuquerque. Perhaps you can spot who we’re talking about.  Hint Hint: She’s the first woman to serve as the United States Secretary of Homeland Security.

That’s right–people waiting in line are invited to have a meet-and-greet with Janet Napolitano, who has stood in line with customers ever since the sale started back in 2002. She’ll be accompanied by Pakistani Ambassador Shirin Tahir-Kheli, who has has served five sets of Republican presidential administrations since 1980.

The party starts on Saturday at 10 a.m., when the doors open. The pieces are sold on a first-come, first-served basis, so it pays to get to the gallery a few hours early. Word on the street is there is already a crowd of campers setting up shop in line, so pack a tent and a bag and get out there early, if you’re feeling a bit bold.

Though the sale attracts some big names, owner Mary Ann Weems says everyone who shows up is a big wig in her book.

“Everyone interested in starting an art collection & who is interested in buying original artwork is noteworthy!” she says.