Favorite Things Friday

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Watch out, Albuquerque! Cupid’s on the loose, and it seems love is in the air. That’s why we’ve got a few weekend activity ideas for you to flirt with so you can get down to some seriously fun–and family-friendly–Albuquerque activities.

A Revolutionary Idea

New Mexico’s rich cultural influences–especially from south of the border–have made it one of the most unique states in the nation, but have also served as a petri dish for America’s gradually shifting demographics.

New questions about human rights, civil liberties, and racial profiling have come about as a result. And illegal immigration? Prepare to get an earful from both sides of the fence.

But filmmaker Rev. Dr. Ellin Jimmerson decided to capture a different point of view of the debate from behind a video camera in his award-winning human rights documentary, The Second Cooler, which will debut at The Guild Cinema on Friday evening at 4 and 6 p.m.

The film goes beyond borders to try and understand why such inequality exists in between North America’s countries, and if–or what–the developed world has done to create or exacerbate it. But ultimately, the film aims to answer one question: “Who benefits from illegal immigration?”

The film is narrated by Martin Sheen, and was written by Dr. Jimmerson, who holds multiple degrees in history and theological studies and holds a position as a Baptist minister. Dr. Jimmerson will be on hand to introduce the film and will be present for a post-movie Q and A session.

Attendees can get in the door with a $10 donation, and the film will be shown once more on Saturday at 1 p.m. at the St. Pius X Fine Arts Theatre.

Keeping it Clean

Environmentally, that is. This Saturday, Albuquerqueans are invited to beautify the Bosque by coming together for the I Heart the Bosque Valentine’s Day Clean Up, where you can show your sweetie just how much you care.

Volunteers will be split up into groups, and whoever collects the most trash wins a price (hint: trash you bring from your own alley doesn’t count). The cleanup also has scientific roots, as how much is collected and where it came from will be analyzed for future prevention and cleanup efforts.

Participants will be treated to an educational talk along the way, and can also meet the birds behind Hawks Aloft, Albuquerque’s premier rescue organization for birds of prey.

If you’re feeling the love, meet up with others at the Tingley Beach Parking Lot south of Central Ave. at 10 a.m., and make sure to bring gloves, trash bags, water, and some snacks.

Afterwards, sit back, relax, and wait for the kisses to roll in from Mother Nature.

Find Your Happy Place

If the overwhelming consumerism of Valentine’s Day has you and your honey down, you can find a different form of bliss at the Clarifying Meditative Work–A Fresh Look workshop, which aims to bring Albuqueqrueans together through meditations from different traditions.

Whether you’re interested in Tibetian, Vipassana, Western, Hindu, or other meditation techniques, you’ll find plenty of like-minded meditatees (is that even a word?) on Saturday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Wat Center at 145 Madison NE. The session will serve as a place for meditators to exchange ideas, concerns, and stories of their experiences.

And–of course–the emphasis will be on listening to each other, or to the sweet sound of nothing at all–hey, isn’t that one of the biggest components of inner reflection? Then again, if you’re up for some outer reflection, we’re up for talking with you over a beer or two tonight (call me!).