Favorite Things Friday

Posted by on Jan 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

We may be five pounds heavier after decking the halls and ringing in the New Year, but you know what?

It was worth it! As you eat the last of the holiday cooking (and we struggle to button our pants), here’s some food for thought on some Albuquerque events that are sure to burn off some of that lingering holiday “cheer.” And if you’re one of the 90 percent of people who didn’t resolve to go to the gym more, then make a resolution to get out and experience 2014 at these hip happenings:

Once Upon a Midnight Dreary

If you’re a little rusty on your Edgar Allen Poe quotes (or have never heard him in the first place), “nevermore” has it been easier to get acquainted with the work of this famous poet than at the Edgar Allen Poe/Edgar Price Festival at the KiMo Theatre this weekend.

The festival runs from January 3rd to February 7th, and features a movie every Friday night based on the works of Edgar Allen Poe. But the movies have more than just the storyteller in common–they also feature Vincent Price, a classic movie star who garnered a cult-like following after finding success in low-budget horror flicks during the 1960s.

Tickets can be purchased from $5 to $7, depending on what your “Telltale Heart” desires.

Exhibitionism at Its Finest

Welcome the new year with some exotic art at New Grounds Gallery, which will be presenting its inaugural international juried printmaking exhibition.

Twenty-five pieces selected from 132 submissions will be on display, and will be juried by UNM printmaking professor Yoshiko Shimano and New Grounds founder and director Regina Held. During the reception, an award ceremony will be given to announce which artists have been selected for future solo shows and gallery representation. Pieces ranged from etchings to mezzotint and mixed media, and came from all around the world, including Australia, Kosovo, The Philippines, Ireland, and the Netherlands.

The exhibition will happen at 5 p.m. at 3812 Central Ave. SE #100B.

Seeing Stars

Add a little perspective to your new year by peeking into the cosmos with the Rio Rancho Astronomical Society during the monthly meeting and stargaze at the Rainbow Park Observatory, which houses $55,000 worth of powerful telescopic equipment that knocks the pants off of an average pair of binoculars.

You don’t have to be Galileo to get in on this action, either. The group is composed of amateur astronomers of varying expertise, but also share a love for the night sky. Attendees can learn and discuss the distant cosmos with fellow enthusiasts.

The meeting and stargazing begins at 7 p.m., but be warned–you may feel insignificant after peering into the heavens (but in a good way, right?).