Downright Spooky: On Site with the Southwest Ghost Hunters Association

Posted by on Oct 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

Cue the Ghostbusters’ theme song – there may be something strange in the neighborhood.

For our October issue, we sent our Staff Writer, Adam Baca, on an assignment that wasn’t for the faint of heart: tag along with the Southwest Ghost Hunter Association as they search for paranormal activity at The Wool Warehouse Theatre.

“I’ve always wanted to see a ghost, but I never have,” Baca says.  “The fact that I want to see a ghost might be part of the problem. I discovered there was a team in Albuquerque that investigates paranormal activity. I gave Cody Polston, founder and president of the Southwest Ghost Hunters Association, a call and asked if I could join them for a night. It turned out they were staking out The Wool Warehouse Theatre on First Street. I tagged along in hopes of seeing something spooky.”

Lucky for us, Baca caught the highlights on video, Ghost Hunting at The Wool Warehouse Theatre, but brace yourself for some Proton Pack levels of spooky!

In the spirit of Halloween, have YOU ever experienced anomalies of a paranormal nature in Albuquerque?