Cowboys, Costumes, and Bullseyes

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Whether you’re a cowpoke, armchair superhero, or somewhere in between, chances are you’ll find something you’ll love to do in ABQ this last weekend of June.

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably noticed that the sun is hanging around longer than usual. June 21 marked the summer solstice, aka “the longest day of the year,” which means the sunny summer days will get shorter from here on out.

Our point is this: You’re running out of daylight now, so you’d better make the most of the summer days while the sunlight’s still lingering. How? We can help:


Horsing Around for Charity

Cowboy silhouette

Like buttered toast and pockets on jeans, Albuquerque and rodeo culture mesh together perfectly—especially if it’s for charity.

You’ll find plenty of both at the Hyatt Regency Tamaya Summer Rodeo Series, which runs every Friday night until Aug. 22 at Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort and Spa, located on 500 acres of pristine land within the Pueblo of Santa Ana.

In true Tamaya style, the rodeo is in a tad classier setting than most, but still includes all the dusty, gritty, neck-and-neck competition that has inspired more than a few country music songs over the years.

Guests will take a ride on a horse-drawn hay wagon down to the stables for an opening parade. Then, they’ll sip on lemonade and watch New Mexico’s cowboys and cowgirls duke it out in barrel racing, team roping, breakaway roping, and a host of other traditional competitions. For non-hotel guests, adult tickets are $16, but all proceeds will benefit abandoned, neglected, or abused horses in the Horse Rehabilitation program.

 “A key principle of the Hyatt corporate culture is giving back to the communities in which we operate,” says Tamaya general manager Colleen Kareti. “I’m delighted to, along with Connie Collis, our stable master, offer the Summer Rodeo Series, and even happier to know that the monies earned go toward a good cause.”

But if you want to attend, saddle up quickly—reservations are required (call the Tamaya Concierge at 505-771-6060), and only 100 guests are allowed.

Comic Relief

It’s not every day you see groups of Albuquerqueans running around in tights, capes, and spandex, so slip on your Superman outfit and take flight to the Albuquerque Comic Expowhich will starts at 2 p.m. today and runs until 5 p.m. on June 29 at the Albuquerque Convention Center.

Albuquerque’s comic and pop culture fans can meet and mingle with celebrities from their favorite television series (including Lou Ferrigno, aka “The Incredible Hulk” and two cast members of the original “Power Rangers”) during Celebrity Day. Or, they can meet-and-greet with the artists and writers behind popular comic series between more than 100 panels, events, and workshops filled with comic goodness.

There will also be the ever-popular costume contest, Sci-Fi Speed Dating, a simulation of a starship guests can pilot, video-game tournaments, and a Kids’ Day in which little comic fans can pose for pics with their favorite heroes. Even when the convention doors close, the party often continues in “ACE  After Dark” events that bring comic fans and cocktails together in harmony.

In other words, meet us at the Batmobile while we fetch out masks and utility belts!

How the West Was Fun


You may want to take off the superhero costume for the End of Trail World Championship of Cowboy Action Shooting competition at Founders Ranch in Edgewood.

The event is hosted by the Single Action Shooting Society, which was created to preserve and continue the sport of “Cowboy Action Shooting.” Competitors will face off for action shooting, mounted shooting, and other shooting competitions using the same guns that were common to the Old West.

Instead of Superman and Wonder Woman outfits, SASS competitors are required to adopt an appropriate shooting alias and outfit befitting of that particular time period (although mustaches are optional). Guests will be able to observe competitors shoot it out for $5 general admission, and will also get to see live musical performances by local and regional bands, including Albuquerque’s teenage trio of musicians, “The Anslovers.”

Attendees can brush shoulders with a John Wayne impersonator, see shooting exhibitions from “Badlands Bill Oglesby,” and the “Echoes of the West Medicine Show.”

Guests are encouraged to also dress in costume, but you’ll want to leave the ‘ol shooting iron at home, as guests aren’t permitted to be armed. The event is open to the public until 5 p.m. today, and continues until 5 p.m. on Saturday and 4 p.m. on Sunday.