Sleep, Salsa, and Studios

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If you’re like us, you may have lost some sleep this week after the holiday playing catch up. Did you know you’re carrying around what’s called sleep debt? According to an article in the Scientific American, the deficit that grows between how much sleep you should get and how much you actually get compounds into […]

Three Festivals for the Last Days of Summer

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The mercury in Albuquerque thermometers is (slowly but surely) dropping, which, according to a study in the Journal of Consumer Research, could change our behavior—specifically in the romance department. In the experiment, participants who received cold beverages overwhelmingly chose to watch a romantic movie (compared with people who drank hot beverages instead). Why do we mention this? Because Albuquerque will have highs in the […]

Cheers to the Weekend!

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It’s Friday and you may be heading straight to happy hour after work. You may want to consider swapping that mojito for a margarita after a recent study. “Science Daily” published a study by a Mexican scientist who identified that “fructants,” a substance from the blur agave plant, aid in the absorption of calcium into […]

Just Sigh (It’s Good for You!)

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Good news! It’s Friday, and you’re probably heaving a sigh of relief after a very long week. But did you know those sighs are actually helping keep you alive? Mechanically speaking, sighs are simply normal breaths with added intakes of air before you exhale. A study published in the scientific journal, “Nature,” revealed that sighing helps keep your lungs inflated. “If […]

Back to School Blues

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The kids are heading back to school, and while that may mean a breather for parents, it may mean more stress for kids. Joseph Abularrage, chairman of the pediatrics department at New York-Presbyterian Queens in New York City says, “A few late summer adjustments can help children have a safe and productive school year.” In […]