Improv with Bob

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What do you do when Bob Odenkirk invites you onstage for some impromptu acting? The answer is a no-brainer: You say “yes.” By Peter St. Cyr Photos by Don James Bob Odenkirk’s weekend to-do list includes a lot of the things that are on our own: riding a bike around the city, eating lunch at […]

ABQ Now Has the Force … of Course

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We’ve already chugged through much of winter, but it’s not over. If you haven’t yet, make sure your car is safe for the wintry weather that continues to roll in. Lucky for us, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention compiled some tips on prepping your car for the cold. Some stuff is obvious, but it’s […]

Going Bowlin’

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Stout beers don’t seem too heavy anymore. Coffee can’t be hot enough. Your breath is visible as you wait for your car to warm up in the morning, slight shivers running up your spine. We get to see the Lobos play one more game, at home. Paul McCartney’s voice is suddenly associated with a certain Christmas song […]

To Cut Back, or Not to Cut Back … on Coffee

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Coffee’s usually a good way to start the day. It’s how many of us ATM staffers start the day … and keep the day going … and end the day. Well, at least one certain blogger here, anyway. But there were times that blogger was told he should cut back on his coffee consumption. He was drinking too […]

A Day for Superstition

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A Day for Superstition To some, Friday the 13th is a terrifying day. This paralyzing fear is a phobia, known by two long-winded definitions: friggatriskaidekaphobia and paraskevidekatriaphobia. It makes you wonder, is there any real reason today is perceived as an unlucky day? As it turns out, there may be something to it. British Medical […]