Gena’s Busiest Week Ever, Day Five

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Day Five–Nearing the End 7 Appointments – Slowing Down but not done by far! 2 Coffees (Yes, only two coffees. I have to dry out at some point. I am starting to worry about the short term effect of caffeine levels in my system. Plus, I didn’t sleep very well the last two nights.) My […]

Gena’s Busiest Week Ever, Day 4

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Day Four 10 Appointments 4 Coffees 1 Latte 1 Amazing cocktail (read further for info) 1 Glass of wine I made a pit-stop at Starbucks on Lomas and Broadway to grab my first coffee for the day and ended up running into Mr. Matt Woodcock (see Day One). This was a good thing because the […]

Gena’s Busiest Week Ever, Part 2, Day Three (afternoon)

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Day Three: Afternoon I started the afternoon with a proper ginormous latte and sat down with Carol Clegg who is a Virtual Personal Assistant. She specializes in quite a few things, but basically can help manage corporate and home life without actually taking up any office space.  She also can help book and charter flights in […]

Gena’s Busiest Week Ever, Part Two, Day Three (a.m.)

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a.k.a. The Day I Became Super Human 15 appointments 14 coffees (not a joke) 2 glasses of wine 0 water 2 altoids I started my day having breakfast at Loyola’s Café (268-6478), one of my all-time favorite diners. It’s probably because it reminds me of eating breakfast in Belen as a kid. My parents and […]

Gena’s Busiest Week Ever, Part 2

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Day Two 10 appointments 2 coffees 1 latte 1 cappucino 1 decaf coffee Zero alcoholic beverages … but the week is still young. Jeanneth Lopez has been advertising in the magazine for six months now. We try to catch up with each other every so often to discuss advertising strategy at Starbucks. It’s important for […]