A Home Run Weekend

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Did you go out to the ballgame last night?

The Isotopes may have lost their season opener against the Reno Aces, but the beer and hot dogs left us feeling like winners (have you tried the Orbit Dog yet? Wow!). And the best part is, the Isotopes still have all season to show us what they’ve got.

While we wait for our next chance to catch a cold beer and watch the ‘Topes play ball (which just so happens to be tonight at 7:05 p.m.), we might as well highlight three of our favorite things happening this weekend.

Beer and Food Truck Frenzy

Some things just go together, like Johnny and June, salt and pepper and … Food trucks and craft beer?Delicious sandwich on the table

Yes, those too. See what all the fuss is about at the first-ever The Great New Mexico Food Truck & Craft Beer Festival this Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., which is more than enough time to get in your share of craft swillage while enjoying nosh from 20-plus fantastic food trucks.

The festival will include some local favorites (Gedunk Food Truck, Hot Off the Press, and Street Food Institute), but will also have some new four-wheel foodie favorites from outside the ABQ area. Start scraping together that beer money now—it costs $5 to get in the gate. Once you fork over the cash, you’ll get access to an array of Sam Adams craft beers, as well as all the best bar food you can stomach.

 Nude Food, Dude!

We typically stick to clothes, but encouraging nudity isn’t always a bad thing… especially when it comes to food.

Assorted raw organic vegetablesThat’s the ethos behind the Naked Food Fair at the Albuquerque Rail Yards this Saturday—a celebration dedicated to eating natural, healthy food and encouraging knowledge on how to live a more conscious and healthier lifestyle.

And these tips come from the experts; top chefs, specialized vendors, nutrition experts, and others will be on hand to educate guests and provide cooking demonstrations that not only describe healthier recipes, but give guests a chance to taste them, too.

The festival makes a great learning experience for children, including picky eaters (the fair’s nutritional experts will have plenty of tips for turning that around). There will be food demonstrations taking place on three stages throughout the fair, as well as seminars on everything from planting and preparing peas to the proper preparation of a ridiculously delicious veggie burger.

Oh, and there will be yoga classes that range from novice to advanced, but they require pre-registration, so show up 30 minutes early before your session begins (they start at 10:15 a.m.).

You have a few options for attending, as well: tasting tickets are $30 for adults (starts at 10 a.m.), while general admission tickets start at 12 p.m. and cost $10 per adult.

Working Water Over

“Water” you doing with your garden? Ok, that’s a horrible joke, but water management in the arid Southwest is no laughing matter.

That’s why the Open Space Visitor Center is hosting a free class on The Basics of Harvesting Rainwater on Sunday at 1 Regentonne im Gartenp.m. ABQ receives little precious rain, which is why it pays to learn the important role water harvesting plays in conserving other water sources, restoring ecology, and supporting the area’s plants. Perhaps you already have a rainwater supply strategy?

If so, you can exchange ideas with others, learn your own, or review your strategy with Joanne McEntire, a certified water harvester who also runs Querencia Green—an educational support program for community projects and water harvesting.

For more info, call Kim Selving at 897-8831.

What are you up to this weekend?